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Welcome to my Portal! Here you can access:


My professional portfolio of 40 years of work in different areas of knowledge and geographic regions of the planet, with certificates, videos and sample files of Projects carried out for download, is the result of intense and dedicated multidisciplinary and team work.

The consolidated metrics of our teams are very significant and sometimes unique. And we are proud of that. Our personal metrics in Territorial Management amount to over 30 million km2 in Tropical Forests (especially in the Amazon), 3.8 million km2 in Agriculture, Environment and Hydrology, 11,000 km2 in Urban Areas and 6,500 km in Highways and Infrastructure . And over 50,000 h of Project Management. All this to offer Real Solutions that generate benefits and always Innovating with Experience!



  • PARAGUAI - Projects structured for Foundations in Paraguay  in the last six years can be known under www.paraguayrise.com There is also a Project named QUIPU for housing in adequate typologies for 75,000 members of the Guarani Ethnics (First Nation). And there is the Educational Project ARANDU ROGA.

  • BRAZIL - For Brazil, the FENIX and HELIUS Projects were structured.

  • FENIX 

    • Territorial management of Brazil at the scale of 1:10,000, the Territorial Reference and Monitoring of the Territorial Dynamics at the county level, to help Local Sustainable Development;

    • Aerial Combat of Forest Fires in a region of approximately 5 million km2 in Tropical Forest, Savanah Cerrado and Caatinga biomes. 

    • Aerial Transport of Organs and Human Tissues.


    • Sustainable Communities for 3,000 - 5,000 families with complete innovative infrastructure, including Healthcare,Education, Security, Commerce & Services, and local Agriculture for food generation. Also considers strategies to generate employment and possibilities for entrepreneurs.  ​

3. SERVICES & PRODUCTS WE OFFER (including via internet).

Currently I am dedicated as a Designer & Manager for the creation and implementation of Humanitarian, Non-Refundable and Investment Projects. In addition to Consulting, Mentoring, Partnerships and Business Development. Always considering the Sustainability triad: environmentally correct, economically viable and socially fair.

Current times are demanding innovative, multidisciplinary, integrated, self-sustainable projects. To decide better, reduce losses, among others. For that, professionals with versatile profiles, not only in Engineering, but also in the management of teams and of proven professional and management experience, are imperative. This is our DNA.

Through our Multidisciplinary Networking, we assign and integrate teams of internationally renowned specialists and partner companies, innovating with validated technologies and experiences, versatility, to offer the best tailor-made design solutions. Efficient and effective teamwork is our “modus operandi”. My focus areas are:

  • Territorial Management / Monitoring - Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques for Territorial References (Cartography from 1: 125,000 to the scale of 1: 500) in Environment, Agriculture, Infrastructure & Logistics (highlighting 3D Topography by LiDAR), and Urban / Rural Development; Geographic Knowledge Systems; this is the correct and necessary basis for Infrastructure Projects and monitoring of urban and rural territorial dynamics; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Knowledge Systems (GKS).

  • Agriculture and Food Security - Agribusiness Chain (Agricultural and Agrarian), Agroindustry, Agricultural Corridors, Production Systems;

  •  Clean Water and Sanitation  - Artesian Wells, Drainage Systems including Flood Control, Effluent Treatment Stations (ETEs) and Water Reuse, Garbage and Waste Recycling;

  • Infrastructure and Logistics - Roads, Bridges, Ports, Airports, Trains, Urban Mobility, River Dredging;

  • Health and Well-being - Nutrition and Preventive Care, Social Medicine and Community Health, Emergency and Urgency Health Centers, ICU Ambulance Networks, Hospitals, University - Hospitals;

  • Constructive Management Sustainable Communities - Social Urbanism, Complete Community Concept, Construction Methods, Infrastructure, Alternative Energy, Waste and Waste Recycling, Local Agriculture / Animal Protein / Fish Farming, Education and Local Sustainable Economic Development; visit www.inovohsystem.com

As a result of these efforts, I have created a realistic, solution-oriented and personalized project portfolio, in the order of more than US $ 50 billion, together with NGOs established in Paraguay and Brazil, in order to promote Sustainable Development. We submit these projects to funding possibilities, from humanitarian to non-reimbursable and also to investment organizations.

And we continue to look for innovative technologies and partners.


I am currently focused on the South American continent and, as an example, the Air Combat of Forest Fires focusing on the Amazon, Brazilian Cerrado and Chaco Paraguay, and the Bioceanic Corridor in South America through Chile are also considered.

However, my aspiration, purpose and will is to extend access to these Projects and Technologies adapted to all Geographies and Cultures, wherever these solutions are necessary and desired! Our portfolio addresses problems that are still common in many regions of the planet. The good news is that, yes, there are real solutions for customers.

If you are in need of these types of Projects in your Region, wherever you are, or if you are interested in participating with your experience, or with your company, or if you represent an NGO, Foundation, Fund or Bank, or other Financial Institutions that can help, do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible to learn more about your interest and possible needs.

Expecting your contact soon.

Best Regards

Ulf Walter